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Hidekazu WatanabePresident & CEO



東京大学でキャリアデザインの正規科目「未来をつくるキャリアの授業」(全12回)を立ち上げ、コースディレクターとして授業の設計と講義を担当。 著書『ビジネスエリートへのキャリア戦略』(ダイヤモンド社)、『未来をつくるキャリアの授業』(日経新聞出版社)など。 また、コンコードベンチャーズの運営を通じ、ソーシャルスタートアップへの投資、経営支援も積極的に展開している。


Hidekazu WatanabePresident & CEO

Hidekazu Watanabe is the founder, president and CEO of Concord Executive Group. He is also the founder of Concord Capital, actively developing investment in social startups and management support. Concurrently to his role in Concord, he was the director of a regular course in the University of Tokyo called, "Career design to create the future", and was in charge of designing and lecturing the 12 lessons that comprised the course

Watanabe started his career in the strategic consulting division of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. (former Sanwa Research Institute Co., Ltd.). There he successfully managed numerous new business supports and was promoted to a project leader, becoming the youngest leader in the history of the company.

He founded Concord Executive Group in 2008, with the intention of building a prosperous society through supporting leaders in their job search and helping them achieve their career goals.Over the course of more than 10 years of operation, Watanabe led the firm to become the top recruiting entity for consulting firms, investment banks, private equity funds, top multinational companies, and promising start-ups, serving clients across Japan and placing more than 1,000 professionals. He won the first MVP award in the consulting category of the Japan Headhunter Awards.

Watanabe is also a published author and he has written the following books: "Career strategies to be a business elite" (Diamond, Inc.) and "Career design to create the future" (Nikkei Publishing Inc.). He received a B.A. degree in Commerce and Management from Hitotsubashi University.



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